Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: O R I G A M I

Welcome to the origami version of Sunday Quilt Inspiration. Let's see what we can find. 

Origami Mini Paper Sculptures (Set of 6)

Diy Origami Easter Bunny Baskets: Awesome Origami Projects What Can You Do With A Piece Of Paper Best of Web Shrine:

How to make origami hummingbird instructions. Easy origami hummingbird for kids and advanced hummingbird origami folding instructions for experts....Nx:

Fox (Peterpaul Forcher) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!:

origami flower - 40 Origami Flowers You Can Do: Декоративный зонтик из бумаги своими руками:

Wow, take your crafting to the next level with these amazing origami flowers at Go Origami.:

Wall Of Rainbow Koi  •  Free tutorial with pictures on how to fold an origami animal in 18 steps:

And of course, if it's Sunday, there have to be some quilts. You'll love these beauties. Spoiler alert: not all are whole quilts; some are blocks but that makes it easier to see the folds and seams.

Detail of origami pinwheel Block type: log cabin Block size: 11 inches Colour scheme: reds and neutrals Texture/fabric manipulation: fabric folding / fabric origami Quilt size: The finished quilt i…:

"peace quilt" by scrappy quilts, cute! origami flapping birds done in exotic japanese print fabrics against a indigo blue sashiko-worked background:

The paper piece pattern for the beauty above!

All 41 textures belong to two textured quilts I made: Textured quilt sampler (25…:

origami quilt - for @marguerite botting:

small part of a large group quilt - Quilt Inspiration: Welcome to the 2014 River City Quilters' Guild Show: Day 2:

Origami Quilts: Wildflowers:

Origami boat paper pieced quilt block:

Love this for a block on a texture quilt. Babies love to play with them.:

Kimono Quilt Blocks - 9 by NaomiV, via Flickr:

origami crane patchwork pillow!  by patchworkpottery on flickr.  #sewing #diy #quilt:

Printable Easy Quilt Patterns | gave my mom her mother’s day present early because she was in town ...:

Love the oragami effect & the large size as well. Free Fox Quilt Pattern| Shwin&Shwin #twins #quilting #freepattern: ||:

Quilting : Pinwheel Surprise Folded Cathedral Style quilt block:

Which is your favorite?


Kaja said...

I love all the ones that do something a bit 3D. Lots of food for thought!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

I know, Kaja. Aren't they interesting? I know I'd want to run my hands over those quilts and play with the texture of those quilts. Of course, it would take forever to finish one if I spent my time just playing that way!

ValerieKat said...

Are the birds cranes or doves? Either way they would be perfect for my baby quilt to represent wishes for peace or luck to the new baby.
Thanks so much for sharing this inspirational piece.

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Hi Valerie, the first one with the pattern is a crane (for good luck) and the second one is a hummingbird. I've made a few of the crane in paper so now I guess I should try a few in fabric. It may be easier to fold paper into the right shape! I'm not very good at paper piecing: my brain gets confused when sewing the fabric on backwards.
Thanks for visiting,