Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Minus Yards Challenge: and other goals

It's already 1/10/2017! I was planning to make plans for the new year. I guess it's time.  These plans will push me. Hard. But it's what I want for the year that I plan to retire. I want to grow, learn, read, make, write, do. 

Used in 2016:
Added in 2016:
54 yds

  • "Minus 100 Yards Challenge." I read a recent post on Something Rosemade  in which Rose challenged herself to use 100 yards of fabric above whatever she collected. I'm not that confident. I'm going to challenge myself to use 100 yards. Yep, that's it. Use up 100 yards of fabric from my stash.  (I almost did it in 2016.) Thanks, Rose, I think it's a great idea! 

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  • Increase content. I am an average gal. I can peck out about four posts weekly.  Oh, I can get five out, but not on a regular basis, apparently. I tried last year...I failed. I'll just shoot for my best and most but expect about four a week.
  • More finishes.  Last year challenged myself to more small projects. Great win! I do owe two more king quilts to those boys of mine, so maybe those biggies and lots of littles.

From my scrap bin

  • Use more scraps. When I said AmandaJean at Crazy Mom Quilts is my scrap inspiration, I was saying the right words. Wow, I used up some scraps. I'll use more this year.
  • Keep track of fabric usage. Easy peasy: figure out how many yards I use for each project and keep track.  Win! I'm doing that again! Plus, it will help me stay on board for the "Minus 100 Yards Challenge."
  • Pinterest. You know I like my boards. Winner! Going to continue through 2017. Hope you'll come along.

  • Modern Quilting. Read more modern quilting books, maybe even write about them. Watch a few more Craftsy classes. Check out the free stuff on the MQG website. Definitely I want to sew more modern, improv quilts and this, I hope, will help me achieve that goal.  
  • Read.  Read and read and read. Pick up those classics that I've been trying to get to. What a win that would that be! 
  • Write.  Write on my blog but also write about other subjects. And write in a deeper way about my quilt journey. We'll see what I can accomplish in this area.

Things that went South in a burning basket and I won't attempt again this year.
Better photos. The impossible one. Really. I may have gottten worse. I tried a Craftsy class, huge failure. No excuses. I'm an idiot. Loss. Giving it up. Sorry.

And that's the plan. Or plans. All possible. 
Enough to push myself to read, write, grow, learn, do, make.

What plans have you made for 2017? 


Tammy said...

What wonderful goals! I will enjoy reading about what you learn and accomplish this year. I'm excited to see what you decide to read!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Hi Tammy, thanks for the sweet comment. I am sure of one thing concerning my reading: whatever I choose, it will be a classic. I love the classics (especially those printed eons ago and have that smell) and am slowly working my way through a list. It's not been easy since I have to live my own life, but I'm going down with many, many classics under my skull. lol

Karen S said...

Some interesting goals. Sometimes it is good to have them for motivation. But being realistic is also sensible. We know our limits.

jenclair said...

I like your goals, and you should have fun with them. Had to laugh about the "better photos" that went South in a burning basket! I so admire those wonderful photos with just the right setting and light, but it doesn't happen for me.