Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pin It Weekly #188

Happy Weekly! Here are some recent pins from my boards.

This is wonderful because the doors can be closed and everything hidden away...: Wow!!!!!!!  All those drawers!  I wonder what the measurements of the drawer interiors are?  Too small or too large for one's supplies could be extremely limiting.:

Graceful Modern Storage Idea In Wonderful White Home Interior Design, With Nice Skylights:

Forgotten Mansion in Maryland:

Abandoned Victorian glass house, I must have this! It would be perfect for tea parties and growing plants longer. I just love how beautiful it is!:

I chose this piece not because I felt like is showed proportion, but because it showed disproportion. The building looks as if it is upside down because the top is broader than the base which is uncommon in almost all structures. Despite this appearance of disproportion, the building appears to be old meaning it was functional and able to withstand time. The lines of the windows and levels though, create proportion in the structure of the building.:

abandoned.jpg 478×640 pixels:

Pennsylvania bird's-eye maple sewing box, mid 19th c., with pin cushion, 6.5 H. x 4.5 W.: Antique-Pin-Cube-Neuss-Brothers-Germany-c-1910: - Gorgeous Antique Pierced Brass Button Twin Butterfly Flowers Design: Miniature vintage style sewing collection for 1/12th scale doll house on Etsy, $28.50:

Would love to make one in these colors for winter....Brrr! Triangles Quilt by BlueElephantStitches, via Flickr:

Quilt Story: Fabric Tuesday!:

"A dog will sit beside you while you work. A cat will sit on your work." --Pam Brown:

Using 3" curved seam units, designer Emily Bailey arranged them to create a modern floral design for this intermediate level quilt project.:

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