Monday, March 16, 2020

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Kaleidoscope

Teleidoscope - is a kind of kaleidoscope, with a lens and an open view, so it can be used to form kaleidoscopic patterns from objects outside the instrument, rather than from items installed as part of it. Invented by John Lyon Burnside III. A spherical ball lens is often used.

What I've been calling kaleidoscope seems to be "one block wonder" quilts. I can't imagine why because they certainly look like kaleidoscopes. Regardless of what we call them, they are a wonder to watch unfold.

We all remember the kaleidoscopes of our youth--the tubes that had a hole to peek into. You'd turn the tube and the colors and designs would change. If like me, you had to share one with seven sisters, your biggest fear was that it would run out of designs. Not that I didn't share, but I did fret. (I was a kid. The concept, apparently, was lost to me.)

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how to make a crazy quilt by hand #Crazyquilting

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Quilters have taken this idea of a repeating design to new heights. Look at the myriad ways we have joined fabric to create beautiful kaleidoscopic quilts.

No link Star of Wonder. Great use of stack and whack blocks

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