Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back to the farm!

It's been quite some time since I posted anything about our farm animals.  It's been so very hot that going out to take pictures seemed like so much effort.  

The cooler weather has changed that.  We've walked a few times in the last week and Sunday afternoon I decided to shoot a few pics.

This first picture is of goat #8. She broke her leg some time ago and Richard set it then made her a cast of dowel rods and white duct tape.  She walks on it now and we're about to remove her cast.    She is so sweet and cute.  She loves to be hand fed.  I pull grass and feed her through the fence.

 Of course, they all love to be hand fed!  Walk out to the fence and they come running.  Getting pictures is fairly easy,  except the bigger goats stand up against the fence and  get in the way.  One managed to lick the camera!

The ducks are a mess!  
Look at the feathers they leave everywhere. 

The chickens are almost old enough to begin laying eggs.   I can barely wait to start eating the first yard eggs.  

The one rooster is a hoot.  He crows at all hours of the day and well into the evening.

This cat is only as big as a kitten.  When he was first born, a wild tomcat tried to kill him.  He was bitten on the back of his head and managed to survive.  Six months later and he's tiny--hasn't really grown a bit--but just as cute as can be.  His name is TeeTiger, here in Louisiana we've shortened the French word for small, petite, to just tee.

We've tried to catch TeeTiger, but he's just as wild as the male that tried to hurt him.  Without the zoom, there's no way to get a photo.   Isn't he the cutest, though?  Any ideas on how we might catch him? I would love to tame him to be able to protect him.

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