Friday, October 21, 2011

Facebook Fun

My sister Angie sitting on our maternal grandfather's lap,
then maternal grandmother and paternal grandmother. 
I had a great idea a few days ago after we ran across some really old family photos.  These photos are from my childhood and since we are eight sisters, it's easy to mix up the faces.  I found that I had to look on the back of the pictures to figure out who's who.  Thank goodness mom wrote the names there.

Me and Angie
It occurred to me that my sisters might want a few of the pictures, so I decided to post some on Facebook.  That gave me the idea to make it into a game.  Every night I post a few pics and everyone tries to guess who the people are.  I've posted pictures of our grandparents that had our children
discussing who they might be. 

Me (seventh grade)
Everyone seems to be enjoying the game, and I can say that I have never had so many comments  before!  If nothing else we're having fun, and the younger generation is learning about those in the family who have passed away, in some cases before they were even born.

If you have older children, you might try this game as a way of teaching them about your family.  One of the surprises is how many stories we've shared since we started playing.  Wasn't that a brilliant idea?  Do you think it would work so well for your children? 

Thank you to those who voted for my blog on Picket Fence.  It's gone up to 130 votes and moved to page 22!  I don't expect to move to page one....that takes about a 1000 votes, but it's fun to see the blog move up the ladder, albeit slowly.

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jenclair said...

What a great idea, Mary!