Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quilt Campus Class

My class with QuiltCampus began today and got a little tense when I realized that I'd left off some important information.  Thank goodness Cindy, the business person behind the scenes, was willing to drop everything and fix my boo boo!  

Within an hour or so, she called me back to say everything was done and I could inform my students that they could access the information.  I wish I could explain my error, but I'm chalking it up to inexperience and my usual kookiness--a bad combination!

Although our opportunity to talk came about because I made an error, I am happy to have spoken to Cindy.  She is quite nice, obviously very competent and extremely helpful!  Her ability to pull something together and make it look good is pretty amazing.  I could learn a few lessons from her!  

Don't you just love it when you need help from someone and the other person is kind and understanding?  Do you get that from people very often?  Do you share the experience with others when it does happen?  

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