Sunday, October 30, 2011

Anniversary Quilt

My parents were married in 1957, so a few years ago they celebrated their 50th anniversary.  Mom's Alzheimer's Disease was pretty bad by that time, but she was still able to talk with people and remember many of the people from her younger days.  
The eight of us children got together with our respective husbands and threw them a party.  In the meantime, I had begun a quilt for mom and dad using the bow tie block in a pretty blue and yellow.

While looking over some of the photographs in my computer, I found the photos of the quilt and though I'd post them tonight.   I have a penchant or making large quilts with blocks in the middle and a border of flowers that coordinate with the block fabrics.  
Unfortunately, the colors are rather muted in these photos.  I took the photos in the late afternoon but apparently the sun was still too bright.

Thanks for visiting my blog.  I hope you enjoyed seeing my parents' quilt.  I really enjoyed making it and look forward to making a quilt something like this one again.  I had forgotten how much I like blue and yellow together.

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