Monday, October 3, 2011

German Fest

Music and dancing.....Polka!
In a small town in south Louisiana, Robert's Cove, there's a small Catholic church that holds a festival each fall.  The purpose of the festival is to raise money for St. Leo's and also to celebrate the German heritage of many of the families in the area.  

In the museum
Since Robert's Cove is so close to Rayne--only a few minutes away--Rory and Meggan invited us to visit them and go to the festival.  We expected a small church fair, but we got a great surprise!  The festival is really big, covers a few acres of beautiful grounds with large oak trees and even larger tents.  
The blacksmith at his anvil.

The children's games, of which there are many, are free so children run around in groups from one area to another, blowing bubbles, climbing the rock wall, jumping and sliding on the jupiter jump, riding the train, the hay ride, and tractors, making castles in the huge sand pile, writing with sidewalk chalk.....there's just so very much for kids.

Check out these costumes!
For the grownups there's wonderful food, German beer, a museum, crafts and gifts, dancing, vintage equipment, a working blacksmith, and many, many people to chat with, some dressed in traditional costumes.
Our nieces

Poppa and Sophie

We had so much fun, we've already decided 
we'll try to return next year!  We'll just bring more family.  :-)

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jenclair said...

Looks like a great festival! Friends and family and food...can't beat that!