Friday, September 14, 2012

I admitted that I'm a little obsessed with Pinterest a few weeks ago, remember?  I thought I'd try to get a handle on that.  It's not so difficult, getting a handle on something.  I figured it was just a matter of not going to the Pinterest site.  Of course, the real problem is that I can't avoid the computer altogether.  That would make it much easier.

I've done fairly well, it turns out.  I'm down to pinning only once or twice a week.... visiting the site less often than I visit my Facebook page.  Of course, I admit that I keep up with family on FB, so there's a really good reason to check it at least daily.  

Then there's Etsy, I do have to check on my shop, which I reopened only a few days ago.  I also need to add a few more items in the shop.  I won't even mention all the things I need to get onto the computer for just to keep up with schoolwork.  In fact, I have a couple of new programs to learn just to keep up.

So apparently I can't live without a computer.  I need it for several good reasons and I like playing on it--not games, that's for the kids as far as I'm concerned.  No I play on Electric Quilt and Pinterest.  Ah well, there's fun to be had in all manner of places and things.  

I may not let my fun control me, but I do enjoy find photos of beautiful antique linens and laces, ancient gold-trimmed costumes, the china that I love, the newest fabrics, quilt inspiration, yummy-looking foods (especially desserts) and various other collections.  

Happy pinning....uhm, I mean quilting,

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jenclair said...

Of course, I understand your obsession. And, uh, share it. Pinterest is so hard to resist!

:) I have have 3 of the fabrics in that lovely stack fabrics!