Friday, September 7, 2012

New Look

I have no idea what brought this on.  I guess it had something to do with a blog I read recently on which the writer explains how to create a really cool blog header with photos.  I tried her method but ran into two issues: 1) I do not have the right software and, though it's free, I'm iffy about downloading stuff, then 2) trying to do something as cool on Picasa 3, I got stuck.  

Actually, it's a good sort of stuckness (isn't that a word?).  I was stuck building a collage.

In Picasa you just drop pictures onto the work space and then arrange them as you want.  

Easy Peasy!  

Fun, fun!  

Stuck!  It's hard to stop once you start.  So there I was, playing and having fun finding some pics of my quilts and then....I had an idea.  Apply the collage to my blog.  Yes indeed!  I'm all about having fun, being creative, and (here's the kicker) actually using what you've created.

Three days later and I'm still not happy with the looks of things.  I want this blog to be a new awesome, you know?  

Not the ordinary, everybody is saying it awesome.  Not just the everyday kinda cool, but really, truly, honestly, AWESOME COOL.  (only not that loud)

So, after building a collage, figuring out what Blogger is willing to let me do (there wasn't much) and fighting for days to do some little something, such as change the font size (that was insanely slow), find the tabs bar on the "Simple" design (it's on the bottom), put all the writing in the same color (never did get that accomplished).   [whew, that sentence frag is too long, I'm starting over]  So, doing all that, it occurred to me that I have lots of quilts.  I wonder how many..... 

So I stopped playing on Blogger and went to the studio to count.  There are lots, you know, a whole lot.  

That's for another post, however.  For now I'd like some feedback, so please take a moment to leave a message and type a word or two about the new look of the blog.  I'd love to get other perspectives, and don't fret over whether I'll be hurt if you don't like it.  I'm a big chick!  I can take it....honesty only, please!


Mayleen said...

This is the first time I've visited your blog. I really like the quilts in your photos but my eyes are drawn everywhere, back and forth. Its hard to get them to rest in one spot.

I tried to redo my blog once but I was never really happy with my "improvements". Finally I decided to just put it back to what it was an it took me a long time to do that. I try not to mess with Blogger too much anymore!

Diana and LaDonna said...

Is there a way for the title of your blog to not cover your beautiful collage? I really like the collage picture in your post. You have beautiful quilts!


Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Welcome, Mayleen. I hope you come back for a visit soon. I'm going to visit with you as soon as I'm done here. And I agree that messing with Blogger has it's downs!

LaDonna, I'm sure there's a way to do just about anything on Blogger, but I have yet to figure it out! About half of the times that I've tried to make changes, the options don't even show up. That requires closing down and starting over. Arguhhh! I'll take a break and come back to it, but considering how many hours I've already spent on Blogger, I could have made a quilt! Hope all is well with you!

Carla said...

Ive been trying to design a new blog header, but I'm afraid of erasing my whole blog! Good for you!