Friday, September 28, 2012

Nine Patch Plaid

Have you ever gotten some odd quilt idea into your head and wondered how well it would work in real life?  I do.  Pretty often, in fact.
First nine patch
 Most often the odd idea is just that--odd.  Odd enough that the outcome is tossed into the trash along with the idea.
Washed out first nine patch cut evenly into four pieces and turned
Sometimes, though, I hit pay dirt!  This week was one of those times. Which is good because I was using some nice Moda solids.  I wasn't too worried about wasting them, though, because I was cutting the pieces into large enough squares that they could be used for applique if the idea didn't work.

Second nine patch sewn
My idea stemmed from the disappearing nine patch design.  Except that I'd cut the original nine patch and add larger squares to form another nine patch.  
Thinner strips added to the second nine patch
 One cut led to getting really brave and cutting again.  This time I added thinner white strips that give a sashing feel to the top.

close up of quilt corner
Once I got to this, I liked the little quilt so much that I considered stopping.  But by the time I returned to the studio after work on Tuesday, I'd had another idea, but you'll have to wait for the next post.  It's a work in progress that is progressing slowly.  Students, papers to grade, and lesson plans tend to interrupt.  Luckily it's Friday and I have plans to spend the day in the studio, which means I can continue the experimental design.

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