Wednesday, September 5, 2012

October Guild Fun

On Monday the Cotton Quilters Guild held it's monthly meeting and, because it was Labor Day, I was able to attend.  Generally I miss out once school begins, so this was a definite treat for me.  

We have several ladies who are also members of the Patience Quilters Guild in Alexandria, and one of them had a large container of finger pin cushions and several wrist pin cushions.  I didn't even bother with trying on the finger ones: I am very sure that I would be distracted by it.  I did find a wrist one that I liked, and at 50 cents, it was quickly mine. 

There were all manner of items on the agenda, but I was a late arrival and had to sit in the back, which means that I couldn't tell you half of what happened.  

There was some discussion of attending the Houston Quilt Festival, but because the majority wants to go during the week, I'll be working.  

In September our guild will have its own show at the museum, and I have plans to enter the quilts I've made in the last year.  I volunteered to help in whatever way the guild needs on the Saturday of the show.  Donna has asked that I be in charge of the silent auction.  That should be fun!  I'll make or donate a small quilt to add to those already donated.  

There's always a great time of show and tell.  I added my name to the list and showed the two small table runners that I made for the church fair--great way to get a plug in for the church fair-- this Christmas runner and the fall one that I wrote about here.  

The Christmas table runner is a fun, easy project that gave me a great opportunity to use the specialty stitches on my Bernina.  I used them to decorate the ornaments.  Definitely give it a try if you want to play with your stitches.  Do take a little more time with the zigzag applique stitches so they're more even than mine!  I didn't the fusible that I normally use, so the appliques moved around and gave me fits.

As usual we had wonderful refreshments of cakes and drinks and some time to visit and chat with friends.  As we were getting ready to leave, I took a look at all the items that have been donated for the show booth.  The money that is raised will be used for a variety of things.  

I noticed this pretty little quilt top on the table and offered to quilt it, thinking that more people would be interested in purchasing a completed quilt.  

Today while we were in Alexandria, I picked up enough yardage of an off-white flannel for the back.  The top is made of a cheater panel and two borders.

I was hoping to find a burgundy flannel to match the "sashing" between the prints.  I did find a pretty green, but it also did not match correctly.  Rich found the off-white and it's almost a perfect match.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll have time to piece the backing and load it on the long arm.

After our doctors' appointments, several stops to run errands, and a shopping spree to Sam's, we ran in to Hancock's Fabrics for some muslin while it's on sale.  I found a nice bolt of about 12 yards. 

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Diana and LaDonna said...

I love those finger pin cushions! I miss going to the Houston quilt show. Always a good time! There is a big show here but nothing like Houston!