Monday, September 10, 2012

Quilt Count

I played on Picasa 3 to build a collage and decided to use it as the new background on this blog, which I wrote about here.  While looking for photos of pictures for the collage, I began wondering how many quilts I've made and how many I have or can account for.

Well, I can't wonder such a thing and not find out.....that would go against my being or bone marrow or soul or something.  I just can't wonder and then just shut the wonder down.  Maybe an rock could but not me!  So I decided to count.......

I have this trunk from my parents in the studio that I keep some of my quilts in, so I started there--12 queen quilts and four small quilts are hanging out and having a whole party there.

Some of the small quilts are draped over the quilt frame from my grandmother.  I think I counted ten chilling by the windows and taking in the summer.  (There are now dark brown drapes protecting them from the sunshine....wouldn't want them to get a bad sun burn.)

More small quilts are in the vintage boxes that we hung on the wall.  It looks like there are 12 having a neighborly visit.  Have you been adding them up?  I think we're up to 38 that I found.  There are a few in the house and the kids have a couple.  Wait, each grandchild has one, so that adds another seven.  

Oh well, enough of the counting.  I'm saying there are about 45 or so among the studio, the house, the kids and the grandkids.  I don't know how many have been sold, but I do know my sister Angie has eight grandchildren who each have a quilt.  Oh wow, I'm out of control and can't seem to stop!

Okay now, control yourself, Dee......CONTROL.   

Good girl, here's the stop--a question for you:  How do you keep track of the quilts you make?  Do you document every one?  Do you know how many you've made in your lifetime?  

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jenclair said...

Wow! A bunch of lucky people out there who have one of your quilts! I still love the way you hung the vintage boxes to store your quilts--such a great combination.

All of my quilts are small, child and baby size, or art quilts. I don't have the courage to try anything as large as yours.

I do think people should document their quilts, partly because would be satisfying to know the circumstances of the making and where the quilts go.