Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

An afternoon at the Baton Rouge Zoo means lots of walking and animals.  We had a wonderful bright day with a bit of wind.  I ended up a little red from the sun and the wind, which was uncomfortable, but a good bath and gobs of lotion fixed me up.

The bright sunshine felt good and the animals were mostly out but napping.  I managed to get a few pictures and thought you might enjoy the beauty of the day.  My students were amazingly well behaved which probably added to the brightness of the day.  Teens can really surprise us if we just give them clear instructions and high expectations.

Richard and I walked around for an hour and saw only about half of the zoo.  I was really tired and wanted to rest a while before getting on the road back to Bunkie.  Driving the bus, sponsoring the event, and chaperoning 40 kids can really take the wind out of a girl.


My favorite picture is this last one.  Too bad I'm so allergic to poison ivy.  Otherwise, posting a sign like this would be a perfect way to ignore the problem of cutting and pulling the miserable weed!  Of course, you'd have to first build a boardwalk.  Oh, and yes, they really ARE letting it grow.  Which means you may want to avoid that area when it blooms.  But don't fret, there's plenty of zoo to keep you busy for at least two hours, and that's walking at a steady pace.  At the very least, take a virtual visit on their website.

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