Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: QuiltCon #4

Another set of photos from QuiltCon.  Since I took so many, I may never get to post them all.  I just hope that I remember which ones I've posted already and don't repost them. :-) 

 I'm sorry, even though I've cropped these photos down, the cropped version doesn't load.  I have no idea how to fix this problem.  Strangely enough, some of the cropped pictures do load.  I uploaded about ten pictures at one time.  Every one had been cropped.  Weird.

See, here's a cropped photo.  But then the next few are not cropped.  It's a little frustrating, especially since I spent time cropping and enhancing them.

 There should NOT be a light showing in any picture!  Now there's something else to figure out!

This zig zag quilt is one of two quilts that Angela Waters from Cut to Pieces had in the show.  She wrote about the judges comments and her feelings as a result on her blog.  You should go by for a visit when you get the chance.  She brings up some interesting points and, I have to admit that since I read that post, I've been thinking about my own comments on students' works.

I hope you enjoyed the show.  Many of the quilts in today's post are winners.  Not that I want to open the worm can on winners, judges and worthiness.  At least not today. 

Later I'll share my own judges' comments, but first I have to work up the nerve to open and read the letter.  I didn't realize that they were in the box with the returned quilt until I read the post on Cut to Pieces.  I'll get to that, I promise.

Happy Quilting,


Carla said...

The clamshells are neat. I've not seen them that big before

Eileen said...

Beautiful pics! If you are using Picasa to crop your photos, did you remember to save after the cropping? I learned that the hard way. Thanks for sharing!