Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cute, cute, cute! and Carla

 Cute, indeed!  I got a couple of packages in the mail yesterday.  One was a check from my sister, the second was a card and cash from another sister, and the third was a fat quarter from my bloggy friend, Carla.   

Since Angie's check and Laura's cash look like a regular check and regular cash (which I don't get to keep anyway) I'll just move on to the fun stuff: Laura's handmade card.  Laura is so very crafty (card-making) and talented (photography) to boot. 

I'm sorry that my photography skills pale in comparison, but you get the idea that her "delight in life" card is just adorable, right?  I wonder if she's aware that chevrons are all the rage right now.  I wonder if she knows that zigzags are chevrons.  I only know cause I quilt and she doesn't quilt, although she knew what fat quarters were about the same time that I discovered them, so perhaps she does.  Either way, she's right on the money with this cute card, don't you think?

Now that little package from Carla--well, let me tell you it was a wonderful, happy surprise.

First there was a sweet friends card, which I happen to love, even if I don't knit.  Then, there was a chocolate bar, which didn't make it in the house since Lane and I were on the porch when Rich came in with the mail.  I discovered the candy and it was inhaled in about two seconds. 

Oh, no, not just me!  Richard opened and broke it into thirds before I could consider a share...which I fully intended to do, if I'd had time to intend anything.  Anyway, tucked inside the package was a fat quarter of this bike fabric. 

Last week Carla wrote about a zippered bag that she had just finished.  I read her blog fairly regularly (and recommend it with high marks) so I saw the bag, which is very cute.  But the fabric she used really did it for me.  I fell in love with the bicycle on the front of her bag, so I asked her about it in the hopes that I could find it a local shop. 

She answered with an offer to send a fat quarter!  Now that is too sweet.  Of course, I took her up on it, silly.  And now here it is.  Not just the cutest?  Of course it is!  I've got a plan for it, but it has to wait it's turn, otherwise the QuiltCon fabrics may get upset.   I can't have fabrics fighting; that just won't do.  No, we play nicely around here.

I've chosen a favorite bike--this blue with the flowers.   However, the yellow with the plaid fenders is pretty darn cute, too, all bright and sunny!
I am so grateful to Carla for sending this fabric all the way from Canada.  We certainly have some sweet neighbors just a little to the north.  I'm praying that she's not too cold up there.  I have a feeling that tonight's late freeze rode in on a pretty little bicycle, while nibbling on chocolate!  And it worries me that Carla might be chilly, since there aren't many cold fronts that can pedal all the way from Canada this late in the winter.  They do tend to get lazy once March comes around.  That means they are all hanging out with Carla, partying up a storm and building strength for the winter.  Do go by and visit her, it'll warm her greatly to have visitors!
Thank you, dear Carla!
Happy Quilting,

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Carla said...

Oh my goodness! Who is this Carla you speak so highly of? I should like to meet her : )
Thanks Mary for all your kind words. I hope your grand daughter likes what you make from the fabric. Isn't the chocolate yummy!
Have a great week end