Friday, March 1, 2013

Bernina Dahlin'

Have I ever told you about my sewing machine?  No, really?  I can't believe that I call this a quilt blog and haven't even introduced you to the main attraction!  Well, without further delay, meet my Bernina 440 QE.

And because Bernina wrote up a pretty good blurb, I'll just copy/paste and move on, okay?
The BERNINA aurora shines with a multitude of innovative functions that make sewing and quilting even easier: Free Hand System (FHS), BSR functionality and a wealth of freely variable stitches give your creativity wings, while the optional embroidery module lets you upgrade the aurora to a full-fledged embroidery machine in the blink of an eye. A computerized sewing machine that grows along with your skills and experience, and that sets no limits on your imagination. 

Thanks to its intelligent features, the BERNINA aurora offers maximum sewing ease: its adjustable sewing speed, simple stitch selection, built-in needle threader and practical extension table guarantee perfect control over your sewing project and easy operation.

Sewing, darning, neatening, the ultimate precision-sewing of zippers and buttonholes: the BERNINA aurora impresses as a reliable all-rounder for a multitude of techniques, and can be upgraded entirely according to your wishes – e.g. with embroidery module and software, the extra-large Mega Hoop for embroidery, or the practical magnifying-glass set for highest-precision work.
Bernina happens to also have a great website with creative ideas and patterns. I recommend it just cause everything is so cute!  I wish I could say I've used, hence tested, the patterns, but you know me well enough to know that I never follow a pattern from start to finish.  They mostly serve as inspiration, so while I can say I've used them and, yes, they are cute as the dickens, I can't vouch for their accuracy. 
While the photos above are from the Bernina website and not of my personal machine, my baby looks exactly like these.  I do love her: she runs extremely smoothly, makes beautiful stitches, and does everything I could want plus a little more.  
What about your machine?  Share please, via comments.  I'm always curious about other people's sewing machines and like to hear how much we love our machines!

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