Monday, March 25, 2013

Ariel's visit

Since I agreed to babysit Marley for a few minutes and I needed to run to Walmart, I thought I'd do both at the same time.  I can't sew with grandchildren underfoot, and especially with this little rascal.  Besides, I figured a quick trip with a three year old wouldn't cost too much in the way of time or money.  Surprise, I was right! 

We walked out with string cheese, grapes, and a car booster seat...all for about, oh, $20.  Wait, I forgot our reason for going in.  I needed some muslin to match the color I'm almost out of.  So, we did drop by the sewing department, where we also saw some Ariel fabric. 

For those of you not privy to the world of princesses, Ariel is the underwater princess of Disney's Little Mermaid movie.  I thought I'd skip by quickly with the excuse of first finding what I needed, but she did not forget the almost-promise. 

Our conversation when something like this:
"You got what you needed?"
"Good, now Ariel."
"No, we have what we need.  Let's just finish so we can go."
"You promised." 
"I did not promise."
"You said a almost promise, so we havta go."

By the time we got home I'd decided that the half yard of Ariel fabric would make a cute, quick skirt for her.  I was right, except for the ripping and resizing I had to do to get the elastic tight enough for her skinny little rump and the amount of time I needed to settle her down or the time needed to hear the whole Disney story. 

Funny how a three year old doesn't get that if I'm the only one who remembers the name of Ursula the bad witch, I might know the story.  Her animated version is much more interesting than Disney could ever possibly achieve.  That is partly because she plays all the parts and jumps/dances around in the telling, including swimming on the floor.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to work on the current project which, it so happens, does not include a Disney character. 

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jenclair said...

Oh, this one makes me laugh (the laugh of familiarity). Ariel was the be and all for BE for a couple years. Would have loved to hear and see her version of The Little Mermaid.