Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pin it Wednesday #10

Woo whooCelebrate!  Milestone!  
Pin It is in double digits
Yay!  and all that!

Holiday Fairy HousesWhat am I doing to celebrate?  I'm including a silly poem a la Dr. Suess.  Enjoy!

Fairy Arborfairy         

miniature garden example

lovely Mini Garden           Fairy Door

Fairy pins to begin
and quilty pins we all win.
One pin, two pins, pin again
happy pins, scary pins to attain.

Sing, dance, juggle and jog
chickens, barns, horses and hog
There's a pin, there's a pin, there's a pin!
    Quilting ideas for applique borders

lone star 002 by lolablueocean, via Flickr
          My modern dresden quilt, made and quilted by
Large flower and a little love letter

 Red pins, blue pins, green ones, too.
Maybe we should pin a zoo.

Lily, rose, myrtle, daisy,
There's a pin, there's a pin, there's a pin!
but after those some pins get hazy.

Spool Blocks and Sewing Machine Quilt       Lori Holt Pattern                                                                                                                                        
Paper Pieced Mini Quilt | LRstitched :: a journal of stitches

Antique sewing machine base turned quilt rack Sunset Cozy Sewing Room Sewing Machine Quilts Flowers Stamped Cross Stitch Kit | eBay

Places, faces, graces galore
there's just so much for us to adore.
Every thing that you might want
Every place that you might haunt
Every way to take a jaunt
There's a pin, there's a pin, there's a pin!

Louisiana bayou


 Oak Alley Plantation. Vacherie, Louisiana.

 French hand sewing      Sferra     Japanese Embroidered Shiromuku   (Detail)

 <3        Blue butterfly       #butterfly

 Chocolate, candies, cakes and cream
 so much fat that you might scream.
Can't sleep?  Take a peep.
Need a doc?  It's how to wait.
On the run, while you wait, 
unless you read, it's all you need.
Books, schools, funnies, rules
There's a pin, there's a pin, there's a pin!   

eggnog tres leche cakeButterfinger Brownies    Cranberry Cream Cheese Bars    
midwest Barcelona   Schwarzenborn (W of Himmerod), village church
  yeah, you know who you are!

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