Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday and Finished!

When my sister Laura came to visit during the summer, she brought some upholstery samples.  I've had a plan for some of the sheers but wasn't sure what I should do with the other fabrics.  During the week I pulled a few out to take a look at them and ran across a set of coordinating burgundy pieces that I really like.

I started playing with them, and in no time I'd started on a neck pillow for our window seat.  Last summer I made curtains and later made a cushion.  I've added pillows, but those are the ones that go with the sofa, so I've been needing to make a few more.  This one works well, don't you think?

I must admit, I'm liking this arrangement.  The sofa cushions may never find their way home.  Chances are pretty good that a grandchild will find this neck pillow fairly comfy since I stuffed it with super-soft fiberfill and didn't overdo the stuffing.  How long do you think before it's squashed flat?

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