Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Guild Meeting Fun

Yesterday was the September meeting for the Cotton Quilters Guild.  Since I was off for Labor Day, I was able to attend.  I love getting the opportunity to go to these meetings.  The ladies always make me feel very welcome and wanted.  

Many of them ask for advice--as if I'm an expert!  I'm not, of course, but that doesn't seem to bother anyone.  So, I do what I do well...pretend and advise!

These first four quilts are from our mystery quilt series, which I wasn't able to participate in.

The makers brought the quilts in early so they were hung so we could vote.  This green and brown from Mrs. Mary Coco was the winner.  I think everyone liked the contrast in the colors and the quilting.


Our guild also participated in Operation Christmas Child.  Many of the members brought in shoe boxes filled with gifts and enough money to ship the boxes.  Sorry no pictures of that, but you know what Christmas gifts look like, right?

Because our guild meets in the Cottonport Museum, we help in supporting the museum with an annual quilt show.  This year, members were asked to donate a small quilt to be shown and sold. On Monday those who have finished their quilts had their own special show and share.

President Donna Mayeux with her very pretty little quilt. 

A pretty little bunny quilt whose maker explained that she enlarged a picture from a card she received years ago.  All that and I don't remember who made the quilt--isn't that my usual?

Let me now apologize for the very bad photos.  It seems that everyone was in a race to show and go.  Come on, ladies, share already!  Hold it up and keep still for two seconds!  (and for me a good ten seconds is really necessary)

This is Mrs. Mary Coco, winner of the mystery quilt with one of three small quilts she made to sell for the museum followed by a few more ladies and their quilts.

Of course, we also had our regular show and share.  Here are a few quilts that will probably make it into the quilt show next month.  I shared my most recent finish, the wedding signature quilt top, which I also delivered this morning.

This last one is of Travis Barr with the four table runners he brought in to show.  The same pattern surely does look different when the fabrics are different.

I hope you enjoyed our guild meeting.  I absolutely did.

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