Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: squared

Sure, squares are interesting and easy.  So, why not?  If you are considering making a quilt, any one of these would be a great way to begin.  

How, you ask?
1.  Start with a square of fabric and sew it to another square.  Keep adding squares to form a row until you are satisfied that the row is long enough.  Thirty inches is a good start, but you can certainly make it any length you want.

2. Make several rows.  If you have a square quilt in mind (equal length and width) count the squares in the first row and make that many rows.  

3.  Now you're ready to begin stitching the rows together.  Sew two rows together matching up the squares as you go. 

4. Keep going till all the rows are in place. Really, it's that simple.  

One of the great reasons to use simple squares is that you can use a different fabric for each square or just a few fabrics for the entire quilt.

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Anonymous said...

I love squares. The patterns can be unlimited. The quilts you have posted are all beautiful.

Bella Vida said...

I love the navy, gray and white square quilt with the teal binding (first one on the ladder. What size squares did you use and did you use Kona fabric for that one? Thanks!