Saturday, August 31, 2013

Another (almost) finish--signature wedding quilt

You may remember that I've been working on a signature quilt commissioned by a friend for her friend's wedding album.  The idea is that instead of guests signing a guest book, they will sign individual blocks on the quilt.  

Well, it's finished!  Yay!  Actually it's only the top that is finished.  I serged the edges of the top so that it won't ravel and will look neater on the table.  The bride chose the colors and the client made all the other decisions, but because we are friends, I advised her on several points.  I also built a couple of designs in EQ7 so she could envision the finished quilt.  She was really grateful for the EQ7 pictures.

One reason that I wanted to write this post is that I made a huge oops! while working on the top today.  When I started this morning all I had left was to press the two halves, stitch one seam to form the barn raising design and add the borders.

But when you can see the end, you should look twice before taking a step.  (I've been reading a book with lots of proverbs, sorry.)  So I pressed and stitched, then realized that I'd stitched the wrong seam.  Aww, come's three steps from the iron to the machine: how'd I do that?  barn raising design  

Rip, rip, rip! and back to the machine, this time to sew the correct end of the quilt.  What'd I tell you: look twice before taking a step!
Happy Ripping Quilting,

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