Sunday, August 25, 2013

What a sew day!

I love those days when I walk into the studio with lots of time to sew!  You know, there's a project in the works and you make progress.  Those are my favorite, unless it's a day when I've cleaned and everything looks good.  Nooo, the progressive days are the best ones!

So, check out my progressive day--

This is what I started with at about 9 a.m. Saturday morning.  About half the blocks are complete and some are stitched into rows.

To fit all the rows I have to double them up, so the rows that are squeezed together in the middle are actually piled on top of each other with just enough showing so that I can count and keep track of what's going on.  The rows on the top and bottom are ready to stitch together.  

I like to make lots of blocks and put them up so I can arrange them, then when I run out of wall space I sew rows together.  This method helps me to focus on one chore at a time without switching between blocks and rows. (I'm too ADHD for lots of switching back and forth.)

You may also be able to see the yellow dots on one of the rows; those help me insure that I keep the blocks in order while I'm sewing.  It's just cheap sticky dots that I write numbers on.  (Look, I sew backwards, or lefty.)

Now we're getting somewhere!  The picture above is of the top half of the quilt top.  All the rows are sewn together.  This how I left it yesterday afternoon.  

Space is at a premium! In this photo I have some blocks that need to be stitched into rows (on the bottom), some rows that need to be stitched together (under the top half), and part of the complete top all on the same design board.  Notice that there are now two sets of sticky dots.  I want the rows in the right order, too.

If all goes well I'll finish the top this afternoon.  The goal right now is to keep all the yellow dots in order and in the right place.  Since I'm cheap and lazy frugal, I have only two sets numbered, which means I have to reuse the dots.  They are wanting to jump off the fabric and get lost in the clutter other WIP projects.  I'm having to fiddle with them to keep them in place.  Oh, I'll fiddle, but I won't take a moment to write numbers on another set....let's call that frugal "in the zone"!

What are you fiddling with today?

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