Monday, August 5, 2013

A New Commission

When I was contacted recently to make a wedding quilt for someone getting married in a couple of months, I suggested that the client allow me to build the quilt in EQ7 and give her some options.  She knew only that the bride wants a signature block.  So I went with a simple, traditional signature block, built it in EQ7, and then planned a couple of different settings for her.  I chose to use the colors of blue, yellow and white because they are bright and happy, and the white provides a great space for signatures.

The furrow setting is simple and easy--every block will face in the same direction, which means that signatures will also face in one direction.
Setting 1

A quick turn of every other block gives a nice diagonal stripe with a secondary star pattern for the next setting.  Again, easy and simple and fast to piece.
Setting 2

The settings get a bit more complicated from here, but they are also more interesting.  Setting three is a pretty lattice that alternates between blue and yellow squares.
Setting 3

This chevron setting in four would likely be very popular with a young couple, so I recommended it.  I like the blue and yellow bars between the white chevrons.
Setting 4

 My favorite is this barn raising setting in five.  I would choose this one if the quilt were for me, but of course, it's not.  So the client will make the final decision. 
Setting 5

She just needs to make a few decisions...colors, setting, and size for starters.  I just hope she can make them quickly.  I'll need to get started as soon as I finish my sister's red and white chevron quilt if it's going to be completed in time for the wedding.  And since this quilt will serve as the bride's guest book, it's rather important!

Let's have a bit of fun: leave a comment telling which setting you prefer.  We'll see which one is our collective favorite.

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