Saturday, August 3, 2013

Beach Fun

with the grands!  This is the older group of grands.  We are all on the way to Disney World.  Well, by the time you see this post, we'll be returning from DW, but you get the idea.

We had a 14 hour drive to Orlando.  Do it in a day? 
Is it even possible?    
Smart? Oh, heck no!

So we broke the drive into two days of about 10 hours each.  Yes.  You read that correctly.  14 hours effectively cut into 20 hours.  

The plan, you understand, was to take our time.  Not rushing.  No speeding.  Not one thing said for having to take a "pee break."

Good thing, too, since it's necessary to do so every 45 minutes or so. 
The human bladder can hold as much as 20 ounces.  A half human can hold half that much.  Unless it's a half human who happens to have an eight ounce bladder.   But, this half human always has a 20 ounce drink in her hand.  Do the math.

We named her Jolie, which is French for "pretty."  And she is, of course.  She's got no problem telling you so.  And because she's cute, and funny, and fast on the response, and the baby of the family, she gets away with murder.  

Really, she does!  She has skinny arms and legs.  So if she has a mind to, she can take you out.  One little knee in the kidneys, and you're seeing a specialist to repair the pin hole.  A poke in the eye--you're blind.  She made her big brother cry not so long ago.  Look at the man...he's big.  Lane could snap her like a twig.  He wouldn't dare!

He spoils her almost as much as her mom, who it turns out is a great spoiler of children.  She's ruined Jolie.  Our son Will isn't quite as bad: sometimes he's worse.  He spoils both momma and Jolie!

He refuses to get it: children have to want something.  Not just say they want....REALLY want it. That's what we did with him.  By the time he found Stacey, he wanted to be married and on his own so badly that now some 13 or so years later, he STILL wants their life.  See, our theory works.  But no, he can't see it.

So Rich and I will just contend ourselves with the bigger kids: that bear of a boy and two more girls.  They aren't spoiled.  We managed to save them.  The only grandson in our family knows how to take care of his sisters.  And these two right here, well, let's just say they are not spoiled one little bit!  

That's Alayna with the thumbs up sign and the book.  No, not spoiled at all.  And the 14 year old literally rolling around in the sand?  Well, that would be Dusti.  I'm actually writing this post while babysitting her.  

One hour at Disney and she was sick.  So, we came back to let her rest and recoup.  We seem to have picked up a germ somewhere.  Oh, but she's not a bit spoiled either.

Lane, Jolie, Dusti, and Alayna
They enjoyed our afternoon on Ft. Walton beach, and though we carted a half ton of very fine white sand all the way to Orlando, I had a great time laughing at their antics. 

Really, now.  Who rolls in the sand?  They aren't sand fleas, are they?  They did find a small white sand crab, and like country kids are wont to do, they captured it.  Poor heart, he tried so hard to get away.  Maybe they were trying to imitate the poor little guy.  He was adept at running away and sinking into the sand.  Just disappearing, down into the sand so fast that he disappeared while we watched.    

I have only one question: how it it that the one person who did not play in the sand, did not make sand castles, didn't bury or get buried, didn't even roll down the hill (well, not intentionally, anyway) why is she the one who ends up with the most sand in her clothing?

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