Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Fine Art

The museum at University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL) had a special Auguste Rodin exhibit several years ago while I was a student there.  As a student I was able to see the exhibit a couple of times and although the sculptures were the same each time I visited, I found new, interesting details and learned just a bit more about sculpture, art and, sure, quilting.

Of course, I wasn't an avid quilter at the time, nor did I realize that I would eventually use some of that art knowledge in my quilting.  I was just a mom and student and lover of great art.  I had to see this exhibit (and several others) while I had the opportunity.

It's amazing how Rodin was able to depict soft beauty in some sculptures and hardness in others.  Look closely at the difference in the skin texture of his works: the sculptures with a "soft" scene also have characters with smooth, soft skin, while those depicting a "hard" scene have rough, bumpy skin. 

Check out the fabric in the next one, entitled The Abduction of Persephone by Bernini.  It looks so sheer, with a soft, smooth hand, but remember that this fabric is actually marble.   

It's a small jump to a few paintings that include flowing, folded fabrics.

And so, a few draped, folded, piled up quilts.

Have a great week of quilting,

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