Friday, August 16, 2013

A Finish! — Chevron Quilt

The red and white chevron quilt is complete!  The label on and the photos snappedthe two chores that I am bad about getting to.

This is one that I really, really like.  I've avoided making a chevron quilt because I just didn't think I'd like the jagged design.  Well, it's not so bad after all. 

Plus, I really like that I used scraps for the red sections.  To use the scraps efficiently I stitched then into relatively square sections of fabric, then cut those down to the right size so that I could add a square of white.  Two seams later, I had two blocks of half-square triangles of red and white.  

The only thing left after that was to put the half square triangles into the right configuration to form the zigs and zags.

The quilt went together relatively quickly since the blocks are so large.  

The most fun, though, was the quilting.  First I quilted large, loopy scrolls in the white areas.  Because I had added white strips between the zig-zag strips, there was lots of room for the scrolls and a small ribbon just off the red.

The red sections took a little more time because I wanted to set off the different red scraps.  To do that I quilted 1/4 inch from each seam following the inside of the fabric pieces.  The flowing circles of the scrolls contrast beautifully with the squares and rectangles in the red.

The red checked fabric and a couple solids were scraps from my mom's stash.  I can't explain the reason for using them quite yet, but it's important that I included them in the quilt, so to counterbalance the white, I used some dark reds from my stash.  The quilt sparkles with the mix of the darks, lights, and solids.  Did I say I really like this one?

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