Thursday, August 22, 2013

Puppy Update

 There's not much going on in my life except teaching and preparing to teach, and grading papers, and well, you get it.

I did get to do a bit of sewing this week, but that's a minimal bit.  I'm still stitching on the signature wedding quilt blocks.  Thank goodness for string piecing!  I'd never finish otherwise.

The only other goings-on in our area are the heat and the puppies.  Little Miss Little is one nosy little stinker.  This is one of the few photos I have of her actually being good.  It's a bit like having an ADHD kid and giving him lots of soft drinks and sweets.  

But look at how cute she was when we named her Little.  I said (maybe too many times) that she looked like a battery operated toy.  Of course, now that her battery is always fully charged, I'm looking for the Velcro to open so I can rip that battery out!

In these photos, she managed to climb to the top of a pile of quilts and almost made it on top of my dresser.  She found, though, that she couldn't go any farther.  Yep, stuck right there.  She was afraid to go all the way to the dresser and to get back down.  An occasional yelp alerted me to her problem, so I was able to save her little white hiney before everything came tumbling down.

 Even someone else's shower is something of great curiosity to her.  

I think we got used to Cotton, who at almost 11 years old, is quiet and wants to be left alone.  The most he asks for is peace and food, although a ride in momma's car will make his entire week!    

And poor little Candy is shy and ignored.  Cotton gets momma's love, Little gets everyone's attention, and Candy is just somewhere in the corner taking it all in.  I don't even have a recent photo of her.  She refuses to sit while I figure it out and focus.  No surprise, though since her real pleasure and self-appointed job is to find things that may pose a threat to her family.  

She is especially concerned about her own reflection, any flutter outside the French door where she stands on guard for hours, and of course, soft knocks and bings from appliances.  You just never know what danger you'll find in those sounds.  Do not fear, however, because this little momma is on the job!

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