Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Finish! Robust Bunting

Robust Bunting, how's that for a name?  It's robust because it is flexible and can accommodate paper, fabric, and small trinkets.

I made pockets out of heavy, clear plastic and strung them on a narrow bias tape.  Now all I have to do is put a little decorative something into each pocket.  When the party's done, or I get tired of the decorations, I can slip them out and slide in new ones.

 Good idea, huh?  I really like it and can't wait until the girls come for a visit so they can see it.  I'm thinking birthday parties--pretty letters in a favorite color to spell the name of the birthday kiddo. 

Oh, how about fall leaves at Thanksgiving? Or, maybe tree ornaments at Christmas, hearts for Valentine's, and so on.  With or without a background.  Yes, I'm liking this.  The ideas are so fun!  But you probably have a few of your own, so I'll be still. 

Creating this bunting is quite easy: just use clear plastic sheeting for regular fabric.  Once your pieces are cut out, stitch the outside seams to create a pocket.  Sew the pieces wrong sides together. You don't need to turn the bunting right side out.  The sheeting will work for any shape or size.  After all the bunting pockets are paired up and stitched, they are sewn to a long strip of bias tape.

When making your pattern, just remember to leave an extra half inch on the top of the back piece.  This is so you can sew it to the bias tape without having the front piece getting in the way.  I actually cut two pieces of paper the exact shape and size.  Then I added the extra strip to the top of one piece to make the back piece.

Put up on the wall or hang outside and fill with your favorite paper or fabric decorations.

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