Monday, August 19, 2013

Une tête à tête

I was very disappointed last week that my design submission was disqualified and didn't make it into Connecting Threads' contest, but I've had a sit-down with myself.

In Cajun French we call that a tête à tête (literally, head to head) meaning a low, private conversation between two people, but it can also mean a face-to-face discussion in which one person comes to understand something important.  Generally that person deserves the tête à tête.

So I'm facing reality now.  I really needn't have been so disappointed.  After all, I didn't give myself enough time for research or planning.  I surely did not consider that what is a great design to me may not be from another point of view.  And I didn't get much input from others.  

Basically I made an interesting discovery about the contest, had a whirl-wind romance with my ideas and in a week submitted my design.  Disappointed?....well, I hadn't considered that I might be!  

I should know better, but every now and again the wild artist persona splits and runs, and the rest of my persons can only sit and watch.  I know, I know, take the meds already, right? 

So, now that I've over it and am moving on, I thought I'd share the artwork I created before the disappointment started: alligators and lotus flowers.  My intent was to sprinkle the alligators across bright yellow and green solids and the lotus flowers on orange and muddy browns.   Ah, maybe next time.

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