Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pin It Wednesday #29

School is about to start again.  Friday is the first day for students.  In honor of their return--I never really left since I taught summer school--here are a few Pinterest.

Well, that wasn't such a good idea.  The jokes on Pinterest are a bit too raunchy for my taste.  All of them.  School jokes included.  English jokes are just as raunchy and they are tacky.  

Let's just move on, okay?  I found some really pretty modern quilts while looking for some ideas for the red chevron quilt, which happens to be loaded on the long arm machine.  I may even finish it in a few more days!  Yay!

Hope you're having a great week.  I'm in the process of moving classrooms and getting ready for students.  I'm looking forward to teaching this year.  I'll have some of the brightest students in my classes.  Seriously, the classes I teach this year are students that I taught last year and they are unbelievably bright.  Oh, they talk and are difficult to manage--gotta stay on my toes--but they are smart and funny and we've already build a pleasant relationship.  So, as they would say, "I'm stoked!"  (I think it means "I'm excited," although I always think of a stove know, as in "stoking the fire.")

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