Monday, August 12, 2013

GET READY! Back to School

In addition to getting myself ready for school, I generally have some grandchildren chores.  Their mommies don't know how to sew on a button, much less how to hem anything.

So I get those "Hem these, please," "Could you let this out/take this in," and (my favorite) "The lady at the uniform store said..." kind of requests.  Yes, the lady at the uniform store says lots of things that she should keep to herself.  This year she said I could take an old skirt apart and remake it into a skort!  That is not happening!

Okay, okay, the truth.  It's not happening because a fabulous friend handed down some very nice uniforms to us.  Yay!  Cause really, take a skirt apart and remake it?  Doesn't that sound like great fun?

Do you have any idea how much this grandmother appreciates NEW, well-fitted clothing?  Lots!
But I'm still not taking apart a skirt and using the fabric to make a another piece of clothing.

Happy sewing,

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