Friday, August 9, 2013

Fabric Design Contest--vote, please!

Connecting Threads, the fabric and thread company, is having a contest for a new fabric design.  Since I'd just gone Swampin' with a couple of my sisters and because I love my Cajun culture, I decided to submit a swamp scene.  

It's not exactly what I have in my mind, but it's close.  My watercolor has deeper colors, more green and brown, but I can't seem to be able to fix the saturation once it's scanned.  Still, I'm not unhappy.  Plus, my ideas for coordinating fabrics will easily work with this--think alligators basking in the sun, water lilies and lotus flowers,  mosquito hawks and ducks, Spanish moss and lichens....all part of a beautiful swamp scene.  Add some deep grays, greens and muddy brown stripes or solids.  

I'd love some of this fabric! Wouldn't you?  Let's hope we have the opportunity!  I'll share more info in a few days.  The voting begins on the 14th and I'm asking EVERYONE to go vote for my design.  Of course, I'd really, really appreciate it if you also convince family and friends to vote for my design, too.  

In the meantime tell me what you it?  hate it?  plan to vote?  have suggestions?  will you share?  Leave a comment and tell me your thoughts.  I need feedback.

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