Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pin It Wednesday #30

How does it happen that I can't "cheat" at this blogging business?  Really, I can't.  Well, if writing the blog early and scheduling ahead is cheating, I can't.  I can't figure out why, when I schedule a post to publish on a certain day and time, it doesn't post.  

That's about as much as I will cheat, you see, because I'm not very good at it...I easily get caught.  Maybe I talk just a bit much and before I realize it....I'm caught!  Kinda like now.  

I guess I'll have to stop relying on the computer clock or the server bell thingie because it obviously does not think I should have this luxury.  Okay, but it could mean that I don't get to Wednesday until Thursday.  Kinda like now.  Sorry.  

Here's good news--I deleted the silly, fudy writing from the original post, and I have some pretty pictures to show you.

pretty block ideas....

Wouldn't it be difficult to choose only one?

Imagine wearing some of these pretty vintage accessories.  How about making them? 

Now aren't you glad I deleted most of that silly writing?
Happy pinning,

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