Monday, August 26, 2013

Progress and Progress!

Fleur de Lis Quilts Milestone: 550 POSTS

I left you on Saturday with a post about the wedding signature quilt that was in all manner of stages--blocks, rows, and half sewn.

Sunday I managed to get into the studio for a few minutes and before I knew what was happening, I had this:  

Oh yeah! An almost finished quilt top.  The blocks and rows are all together with the exception of one center seam.  That's because I need to press the two halves and it will be much easier to do if the they are separate.  Once the two are pressed, I can stitch them together and press the one seam.

Of course I'll still need to add the borders and serge the edges, but those won't take much time either.

Another progress I pulled off this weekend was a delivery.  My sister Lee commissioned a red and white chevron for her new college graduate, Mandy.

We went to a party for Mandy on Saturday night and delivered the quilt at the same time.

Mandy was supposed to be surprised, but her mom was forced to tell her when she talked about getting rid of her ULL red and white now that she's graduated.  Then, when I posted the finish about the quilt on Facebook, Lee commented, Mandy saw and questions followed.  Poor darling, I think she's pleased anyway.  She's really excited about the chevron pattern and her grandma's fabrics!

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