Monday, September 30, 2013

On my machine

I got back the signature wedding quilt last week and spent a few minutes loading it on the long arm.  It looks great!

My first idea was to outline quilt the signature blocks and stitch in a small vine on the colored pieces.  This obviously didn't work as I'd hoped.  I can't seem to make a straight line and the vine, well, it leaves much to be desired.

So I'm working on a plan B.  By that I mean I may not use actually use Plan B. Thanks to Pinterest, I was able to find lots of quilting ideas.  I like some of them very much and like parts of others.  So I decided to make my own using some of the motifs that I like.  Of course, that meant making other changes so lines would connect better for me, but now I think I have it.  

Tomorrow I will scan and print the three sheets of paper so that I can make one long print then use it like a pantograph on the machine. (Maybe)  I need to enlarge the pattern because it is rather narrow and feels crowded.  I expected that though.  

I can trace very well and can draw freehand but I seem to do my best work on a small scale.  The larger I try to draw a motif, the more I struggle and no matter what, it's just not as good.  So, I keep it small and manageable and enlarge after.

I've taken photos of my finished drawing, but the photos are taking forever to upload.  I'll add them tomorrow after scanning.

Happy quilting,

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