Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Cuppa

Who would think that coffee could inspire art?  Well, a few artists did, actually.

For example, Gert Lavsen considers coffee worthy of photography, and why not?  Whether life imitates art or art is a form of flattery these photos show interesting ways to present a subject while forming a story.  

And Benjamin Yeager's coffee in the foreground photo certainly is an interesting concept.  Wish I knew the photographer of this next one.  I love the interesting shapes and colors.

Maybe the quilters who put together these sweet cups were inspired by one of the artworks above.  Of course, they are not all coffee pots, some are teapots and they are all from my "coffee, tea quilt" board along with about 20 other pins, including some paper piecing patterns.

Have a great cup of your favorite beverage and 
Happy Quilting,

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