Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: BLUE

To look at my stash, one would believe that my favorite color is blue.  I'm not sure of that--I think I love ALL colors--but there are a few more piles of blue than any other.  Besides, since I've noticed the extra blue in the stash, I've tried to pay attention to what draws me when I'm in a fabric store.  

I've noticed that I have to make myself put the blue stuff back on the shelf!  Yes, even though I have about every conceivable shade, I still pick up some pretty blues every time.  Every time.  Not just sometimes.  Every Stinky Time.

I figure that either it really is my favorite, or there's something wrong.  Can't be the second, so I'll go with the first.  If I have to choose. Otherwise, we'll just say I like every color and I like blue, too.

All that said, it's time to check out a few blues.  Here are some gorgeous, beautiful, rich hues of blue.  Just for you!

And as we usually do, we'll end with a few quilts.  I don't have a blue Pinterest board, although some of these can be found on my site.  I simply searched Pinterest for blue quilts and found these plus many, many more.   

Here's hoping that these quilts inspire us to use up some of those blues in the stash.  I wouldn't have to visit a quilt shop.  Would you?

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