Saturday, November 15, 2014

Blogging Milestone: 4 YEARS!

Hard to believe, isn't it?  It is for me...four years of blogging!
Not that it hasn't been fun, of course.  No, the hard to believe part is that I've really stuck to it.  Remember my ADD?  (I think I've mentioned it a few times.)  Somehow I've managed it enough to keep writing and, I hope, entertaining you.  

Not that I have that many followers, but a few of you are faithful and true. Which means I certainly, absolutely, unequivocally send you heartfelt thanks and armloads of hugs. 

Thanks for sticking with me. Thanks for reading my silliness. Thanks for not telling me off, especially when I've said something goofy or inappropriate or worse.  

I'd like to celebrate in a few different ways: first I'd like to look at the numbers I haven't even considered in a long time: those stats that are easy to ignore and are sometimes a worrisome, mind-boggling concept.  One a day is more than enough, don't you think?

Second, I'd like to say thanks by offering you a special gift in the form of a giveaway.  I have something sweet in mind, but I'll ask that you give me a chance to make sure I can pull it together.  

On Tuesday I'll make the big announcement.  Until then I'll give hints and you get to guess.  If you guess correctly, you'll automatically get two extra entries in the drawing.  So come back each day for a hint.  Tell your friends because the more people we have playing the more fun it will be.

Finally, let's skip down memory lane with of some of our favorite posts.

Fact: Fleur de Lis Quilts has had over 90,000 views!

Hint: famous Louisiana mix

Memories:  the photos in this post are from this Autumn Splendor of Natural Kind written back in November of 2010.

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