Saturday, November 15, 2014

DeRidder Rider

Today I went to a South Louisiana town just a bit north of Lake Charles--DeRidder.  Some friends and I were attending a Beta meeting for sponsors who are working on Beta Convention, which is scheduled for January.  I was the back seat rider.

I've been through DeRidder before but I really don't remember why.  Regardless, I've discovered another sweet little town with lots of history.

We arrived in town and rode around following GPS directions, which happened to be wrong, but I spotted the gorgeous courthouse that was very close to our restaurant.  Of course, I jumped out of the car and raced off to snap a few pictures.  That led to a couple of pictures of the old building next door.  Then one across the street. 

By that time I was half frozen from the cold wind, so I forced myself to turn around and catch up to my friends.

Given the opportunity to eat at Cecil's Cajun Restaurant, definitely get the Catfish Opelousas.  It's a pan fried catfish filet covered in a delicious sauce of shrimp, crabmeat and oysters.  A side dish of jambalaya and (for me) chicken and sausage gumbo warmed me up nicely.  I am still stuffed.  The rich seafood sauce is a sweet contrast to the savory catfish.  Oh, so good!

I don't know what this building is for, but the architecture just works for me.  Check out how many levels and angles and interesting spaces it has!  Wouldn't it be fun to explore?

This pretty little building is the Visitors' Center for the area.  Of course, it was closed (on a late Saturday afternoon) but I could not resist a photo.

Milestones in Blogging
Fact: 853 posts in four years

Hint: muddy waters

Memory: My sisters decided to have a Gumbo Cook-off in 2012.  (No one really won.)

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