Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fiber Arts Festival!

When you wake up to a beautiful, sunny day that just happens to be the perfect temperature, you just have to do an outside thing.  I have plans this week to give a quilt presentation for a guild about an hour's drive away and spoke to the coordinator yesterday to make sure everything is still on.  She mentioned the fiber arts event, so I did just a little googling and easily found enough information to encourage me to go.  

Mother Nature sealed the deal with a lovely, have-to-go-outdoors day, so I made the suggestion to Richard, and in no time we were on our way.  Since the festival was in Plaquemine, it didn't take long to get there, so we spend the better part of a few hours just walking around the huge pavilion and enjoying ourselves. 

  We picked up a few handmade gifts, some delicious cookies (and a beautiful scarf for me) and watched several demonstrations on spinning and weaving before settling down to listen to a great little high school band.

After all of that, we walked around the park where the festival was held.  It's very pretty and well kept up.  Since it's on the banks of Bayou Plaquemine, the planners had plenty of opportunity to build beautiful hardscapes and to soften it with trees and shrubs.  

They had the good sense to leave some of the older structures and to honor them with architectural interest.  For example, instead of taking out an old concrete overpass retaining wall, they left it in and planted some graceful palm trees and Indian Hawthorne shrubs, leaving a second "story" to the park.  Notice that while there's enough greenery to add interest, the wall is not hidden.

They also added a small pavilion to the center of the park.  The front of the structure mimics another building not far away.  That building is now a museum, which we visited, but I'll save those pics for another day since this post is already long.

You know how I love churches, this one is up the hill and across the street from the park.  We ran out of time and didn't get to visit, but I wish we could have.  How was your day?  I hope you had the same lovely weather that we did and that you were able to enjoy it.

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