Saturday, November 1, 2014

IQA Houston ~~ part 1

Although I've attended probably eight IQS quilt shows in Houston, yesterday was my first time attending on day one. My goodness!  It's nothing short of insane!  

I can't imagine that it's possible to have more people in one place and expect them to accomplish anything.  

Every booth seemed about to burst open and every aisle of quilts had people crowding near the quilts.  Taking pictures?  Close to impossible without waiting for someone to move, stepping on toes (literally) or getting photo bombed by a stranger.  

Would I do it again?  Well, of course!!!  Who would miss such an opportunity?  Not this chick!

So the pictures here are all from yesterday's long day of driving, quilting gawking, and husband sitting.  Almost five hours of driving to get there, 10-3 of strolling through the quilts, and a sick husband who has a horrible chest cold.

Of course, it's easy to love everything you see when the quilts are all stunningly beautiful.  The details of some of the quilts were amazing and I could not help but think of the time and patience required to make such a work.  

Others, however, seem a bit more approachable, and I think there's a hope that one day I may see my own quilt in the show.  Not that the workmanship was lacking in any way, just that there were not as many tiny pieces or that the basic techniques are some that I may be able to achieve.  These are my favorites....if for no other reason than that they give me hope.

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Kaja said...

How lucky you were to be able to get to the show (I'm in the UK so no hope here) and what a hero your husband is :-) Thanks for sharing your favourite quilts, nice to get at least a little flavour of things.