Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Review of Fruit Basket Tutorial

About three years ago I posted a tutorial on how to create a gift basket.  I still use this method for making gift baskets and try to keep the supplies on hand so that when I need a quick gift, 
this go-to idea is ready.  Of course, it means I have to pick up the items that will go into the basket, but that's just a quick trip to the grocery store for fruit and something for contrast, such as chips, crackers, or cheese.  

I thought it would be useful to you, as well.  It's easy to pull the items together and you can use the basket idea to make many other gifts.  For example, load the basket with gourmet coffees for a coffee connoisseur; wine and cheese for a wine aficionado; loofah, scrubbers, oils and lotions for a spa lover; or books with a reading light and pretty bookmark for your favorite reader.  Really, you're limited only by your imagination and the size of your basket.

Now is a good time to pick up baskets.  I like to have a few extra on hand and don't worry too much about buying the fancy, expensive ones.  I think the items in the basket are what count in this case. The dollar stores are great places to pick up a few cheap plastic ones. Of course, I've been known to give beautiful baskets to those who really appreciate a decorative basket.  Perhaps most important is that this is a great way to show that you know the recipient well.

Teenagers gift basket with a movie pass. This site has many gift basket ideas!
After all, you are choosing items especially for that person and so it makes sense that you'd pick up some things that he/she really wants or needs.  Additional baskets ideas may include

    Great gift basket idea - board games, cards, and snacks!
  • ribbons, bows and pretty papers for someone who loves to wrap beautiful gifts\
  • games and snacks for a family with children
  • favorite cookies, cupcakes, etc. for a snack-aholic
  • DVD, microwave popcorn, drinks and candy for a movie buff
  • paper, washi tape, punches, and stamps for the paper crafter
  • lighter and many scented candles 
  • whisk, spatula, mixes and frosting for the baker
Great alternative to flowers to help out new mom or get well.  Taco Soup in a Bag (Great Gift Idea under $10!)
  • craft paints, small canvases, brushes, etc. for the crafter
  • fat quarters, thread, needles, small scissors for the quilter
  • embroidery thread, hoop, canvas or fabric for the needlewoman
  • all of the ingredients for someone's favorite soup or casserole

Pinterest is full of ideas...just search gift basket ideas.

Here's hoping you find my build a basket tutorial useful now that the holidays are upon us.

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