Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: I Q A Modern ~~ Houston part 3

If you're tired of hearing about the Houston quilt show, you should probably skip on through.  I still have many photos of quilts from the show, and everything was worth seeing.  That makes it really difficult to leave one out.  

If you've seen part 1 (posted last Saturday) or part 2 (last Sunday) then you know that the quilts are pretty spectacular.  The ones I'm posting tonight are some of the quilts with a modern bent to them. Most were in the MQG section, but not all were and I've mixed up photos so badly that I really just don't know.  

They are all modern, though, and as I look at them, I wish that I had created every one.  

I have to explain this next quilt: it's a Braille quilt that spells out the words for color.  You read the dots from left to right.  Each set of dots represents a letter, so if you decipher a couple of words, you can eventually decipher them all: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet.  

It's made in a linen and sewn in tight horizontal lines leaving out the circles (which are perfect!).  I really love this one.  For some reason it spoke to me and I wanted so much to touch and handle it.  Luckily my husband was with me and forced me to behave.  Such a tactile idea and such a beautiful, thought-provoking idea.

Was I right or what?  Come back tomorrow for more about the Fiber Arts Festival in Plaquemine.  We'll visit the Lock Museum and the mighty Mississippi.

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Kaja said...

I'm still enjoying all these beautiful quilts, thanks. Like you I often want to touch when I am looking at textiles and have to restrain myself.