Monday, November 17, 2014

Modern Monday Material

Glossary of pattern names - Cute DecorNot's fabric, but you know that alliteration just had to be!

I do remember my mom and so many other seamstresses of her day calling it material.  I must have been in my 30's before the word fabric stayed in my head. Now when I hear a little lady of a certain age say material, I can't help but smile.

For starters, here's a really nice little glossary of fabric patterns. 

I'm betting that if you know fabric, most of them are likely familiar with the terms, but look all the way down.  What is vermicular, I've only ever known as loops or stipples. I seems I could be wrong: vermicular is the correct name, but only because that is the scientific word for worms.  Hmm, I think I'll stick with loops.  

These photos are all from the same Pinterest board by Modern Quilts Unlimited.  We are lucky to have the quilt shop near us!

I Love orange!!

Pink chalk this website! Awesome fabric you can't find at JoAnn's or Hancock!
Pink chalk fabrics

Chicopee by Denyse Schmidt
Chicopee by Denyse Schmitt

Jenn Ski: My new abstract fabric!
Jenn Ski

From Modern Quilts Unlimited Winter 2014 Camelot Fabrics Mint to Be, a fresh new collection from Camelot Design Studio, features an array of mint, orange, turquoise and navy hues. The 21 warm, vibrant prints in the collection include pretty florals, as well as ombre, ikat and madala patterns.
Camelot Fabrics Mint to Be

From Modern Quilts Unlimited Winter 2014 Art Gallery Fabrics Geometry is back with a bang in the new Minimalista collection by the Art Gallery Fabrics in-house design team. The four tonal color stories—Noir, Watermelon, Honeycomb and Turquoise are each made up of seven eye-catching patterns that range from innovative textures to graphic florals.
Minimalista collection by the Art Gallery Fabrics

Modern Quilts Unlimited Magazine offers quilt, accessory and home decoration patterns and publishes quarterly, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

Fact: The most popular post of all time is LSU Rural Life Museum published in July of 2011.

Hint: modern material

Memories: The cutest little sewing machine I'd ever seen is at the Rural Life Museum and put me on track to getting my very own. 

I'll see you tomorrow for the giveaway announcement...let's celebrate Fleur de Lis Quilts' four years of blogging together!

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Kaja said...

I still call it material sometimes - got the habit from my mum.