Monday, May 4, 2015

Almost Modern Monday

This quilt is not exactly modern, but it's not traditional either.  It's part of the Modern Theory series that I've been working on lately.  
Basically I've been trying to use up the orphan blocks and fabric pieces in the plastic container that is running over with, well, orphan blocks and fabric pieces. 

It's not brain surgery or anything, I just pull some blocks and decide what to play with.  In this case, I pulled one or two pink blocks and then pulled some pink fabrics that either matched or coordinated in some way.

To make it more modern (and to practice some long-arm skills) I decided to use some of the new quilting motifs I've been learning from my Craftsy classes.

Pebbles and ribbons...(oops, wait, the ribbons are mine)

Something with a McTavish look to it in the corners of this bowtie and ribbon candy in the bowtie.

Large scrolls...I'm fairly good at making small scrolls but as they get bigger, they get messy.  I guess I need to practice more.

 The boxes that I learned just a few weeks ago.  I played with different sizes and designs and really like these.

The little pinwheel was fun.  I echo quilted around it and turned the pinwheel parts into flower petals.

Large scrolls, feathers and ferns wrap it all up and, hopefully, tie it all together.  It's not be prettiest of quilts, but it's not bad for an almost modern.  I'm almost sure that it will make a nice little gift for a pretty little one.

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Karen S said...

Great way to use what you have. And i like the fun you have had with the quilting.

Kaja said...

Good practice; I love your boxy quilting especially.