Saturday, May 2, 2015

Fidget Quilt #6

This poor little quilt has been sitting on the worktable waiting patiently.  The first thing I did when I got into the studio this morning was to finish it.

I started with this quilted purple fabric left from a long-ago project.  It was long and skinny, so I cut it in half and made a seam.  Then it was a matter of playing.

The aqua flower pieces were all in the scraps bin and make for lots of interest.  I used one color of aqua thread to zigzag them down and, to make sure that they stayed down, I added a line of stitches down the center.

Check out the green stem.  I just had fun with the whole thing.  The dark green thread was on the machine when I sat down, so guess what--outline the stem and leaves!

The grass is another design element that I decided to play with.  I wanted to know how fabric acts when it's twisted and turned and looped.  I planned to make one straight seam, but I decided instead to sew between the loops and to add sprigs of grass at the same time.  It worked, but more importantly is that it gives lots of textural interest.

Flowers need sunshine, so I bunched up a yellow stripe ribbon and stitched it down with lots of short seams so that it wouldn't flatten.

It was a bit of a challenge at first, but once I got a feel for where to place the stitches, we rolled right along. And in no time the three-dimensional sun was shining down.

In just under an hour the entire quilt was finished, including the dark green binding, which oddly looks almost black in the photos.

I'm really pleased with this fidget quilt.  I've gotten lots of ideas for future quilts and enjoyed playing with the ribbons.  I'm excited to donate this Alzheimer's fidget quilt.  I have no doubt that some little lady is going to love handling it and playing in the grass.

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jenclair said...

:) I love the "grass" at the bottom! I've taken a break from the fidget quilts, but you are making me want to get back to them!

Karen S said...

You add so many wonderful ideas to these quilts. Lovely.