Sunday, May 10, 2015

Let's Catch Up

It's amazing to me how quickly time is moving.  In a few minutes a whole week jumped forward. Just last weekend we were watching a tee-ball game with a granddaughter cheesing it up on base.

I blinked an eye and we were helping to light luminaries and sky lanterns for Relay for Life.  We walked for a minute and the day was over.  At least we didn't miss the whole relay: I think we put in a couple of miles.

We loved the lanterns, both lighting them and seeing them float in the dark sky.  This picture is the grands' favorite.  I think I agree although it is a bit grainy. 

Another weekend and we've babysat, eaten out and I graded papers and quilted the latest quilt, but it seems to have flown by extremely fast.  

In a few seconds school will be finished.  We just started!  (I'll admit I've said differently during a class or two.)  I guess the only thing to do in the middle of a short night is to enjoy the photos from the day.

Life is just a bit too short but that's probably part of what makes it so beautiful and awesome.  (I mean, I know God does that, but.....well you get it, don't you?)  
Have a Blessed Mother's Day.


Kaja said...

Time flies when you're having fun, Mary

jenclair said...

Love the ideas of the luminaries, Mary. Such a beautiful tradition. And the grands are adorable!